Classrooms alive Zoo Keeper Edition™
classrooms alive
The Magical, Zoo-Themed Learning Experience

Who’s it for?
PreK and K Instruction
1st – 3rd grade Intervention
All ages for ELL and Special Needs students

What is Classrooms alive!™?

Imagine engaging your students with 26 zoo animals that spring to life in 3D! Classrooms alive allows you to create a magical, zoo-themed learning experience with a full suite of our early learning products.

Our zoo animals interact with your students as they learn the foundations for reading and math. This ties in an element of science as the kids go on an imaginative zoo adventure! This brain-based, early literacy program includes a zoo-themed supplemental curriculum aligned to State Standards for Kindergarten that’s guaranteed to enhance your literacy block.

What does Classrooms alive™ include?

  • Learning alive™ Zoo Keeper Edition   Learn More
    Interactive Reading and Math software kit
    – Letters alive® Zoo Keeper Edition
    – Math alive®
    Zoo Keeper Lesson Plans
    – Zoo Keeper ABC Boot Camp™
    – Animal a Week™
  • Alphabet Classroom Rug   Learn More
    12’ x 7’6” Oval Rug with Rugs alive™ mobile app (rectangle rug available upon request)
  • My Letters alive® Journals   Learn More
    20 pack with Journals alive™ mobile app
  • My Math alive® Journals   Learn More
    20 pack with Journals alive™ mobile app
  • esgi digital assessments for early edAssessments   Learn More
    60 day trial

supplemental early literacy engagement

Webinar Replay (49:13)

7 Resources for Increasing Student Engagement

Mr Greg Smorgasboard Webinar Replay

Watch Mr. Greg and Cynthia discuss our 7 resources and how they can boost student engagement in-class and virtually.

Mr. Greg Smedley-Warren, Kindergarten Teacher

Also, see Mr. Greg’s 4-year kindergarten Case Study

Pre-k Teacher Testimonial

reading proficiency in philadelphia My students have truly caught on like no other year for me! I’ve even had a couple of parents tell me THIS is what their child is coming home talking about!! LOVE that!
Tracy Jackson | Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

How do I get started with Classrooms alive?

Classrooms alive!
  • Learning alive Zoo Keeper Edition
  • 12’x7’6” Oval Floor Rug
    (rectangle rug upon request)
  • My Letters alive Journals Classroom 20-pack
  • My Math alive Journals Classroom 20-pack

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