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Improving Early Literacy with Mind-Boggling Engagement

Mind-Boggling Engagement for Early Literacy

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Kids going nuts stuck in the house?

Take them on a magical 3D learning adventure!

Take pics with
26 zoo animals!

Ages 3 & 4

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Ages 5 & 6

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Kindergarten Teacher Shares
His Experience

Boost Your Student Outcomes
PreK and Kindergarten Literacy Instruction

Also helps with At Risk intervention, ELL, and Special Needs

Independent Evidence-Based Research Proves It!

90-Day study with students using Letters alive:

  • 48% increase in letter naming fluency.
    This was a 2x gain over non‑users.
  • 112% increase in letter sound fluency.
    This was a 4x gain over non‑users.

Study by Tamra Ogletree, Ph.D | University of Georgia

We make Reading and Math
come alive with 3D Augmented Reality!

America Continues to have a National Reading Crisis.

The 2019 Nation's Report Card shows only 35% of our 4th graders are reading proficiently. That's a 2% decrease from 2017.

We want to help change that!

Our Movement is to help shift these scores from only 35% reading proficiently to over 70% reading proficiently.

Cynthia B. Kaye
CEO | Chief Zoo Keeper
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