Mind-Boggling Engagement
for Early Learners

Are you looking to increase student engagement and improve student outcomes?

Learning thrives when you and your students are engaged! Let us fill your classroom with 26 magical zoo animals that come alive with novel and collaborative 3D technology. Your students will experience a thrilling and joy-filled learning environment for early reading and math when using our full-year supplemental classroom resources designed for Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Increased Engagement = Improved Behavior = Accelerated Learning

Our patented solutions are independently-researched and proven to increase outcomes for Pre-K and Kindergarteners as well as for ELL and Special Education students of all ages. Your students will build solid foundations for Literacy, Math, STEM, and Social Emotional skills they need for continued academic success. And, our classroom resources do not require internet or subscriptions!

Watch how we increase engagement and accelerate learning!

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