Mind-Boggling Engagement
for Early Learners

Are you looking to increase student engagement and improve student outcomes?

For learning to happen, students must be engaged! Our patented, augmented reality technology (3D without glasses) brings our 26 zoo animals to life to teach the fundamentals of early reading and math in a novel way that captivates students like no other.

Increased Engagement = Improved Behavior = Accelerated Learning = Higher Outcomes

Our brain-based, independently-researched solutions are perfect for PK-1st as well as ELL and Special Education, whether in-school or virtual. Your students will learn the Literacy, Math, STEM, and Social Emotional skills they need to build a solid educational foundation for continued academic success.

With Alive Studios Zoo, you’ll truly bring learning to life!

Watch our WOW Video!
Watch our WOW Video

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