My Math alive Student Journals

Who’s it for?
Instructional for PreK and K
Intervention for 1st – 3rd grade
All ages for ELL and Special Needs students

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What are My Math alive Student Journals?

My Math alive Student Journals, along with our FREE app for tablets and smartphones, provide kids with an interactive experience for learning numbers, counting, shapes, and proper number formation! Your students will love feeding our animals while mastering basic math skills.

Watch this Sneak Peek!

math alive journal video

How will the Journals help my students?

  • Introduces/reinforces numbers and counting
  • Teaches proper number formation
  • Encourages one-to-one and rote counting
  • Includes concept of more and less
  • Introduces/reinforces shape recognition
  • Pre-K includes 0-10 and 2D shapes
  • Kindergarten includes 0-20 and 3D shapes
  • Promotes family engagement
  • Reinforces social-emotional behaviors
  • Monitors progress with sticker badge set
  • Includes the bonus Airplane Counting Game
  • Uses device camera for photos with numbers and 2D shapes

Count the food items as you feed
each animal the proper amount!

How are Pre-K and Kindergarten journals different?

Pre-K Journal

Kindergarten Journal

Here’s how to get started with My Math alive Journals:

Single Journal
  • My Math alive Journal Single Pre-K journal
  • FREE mobile app
p/n 86001 (PreK) $9.99

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Single Journal (Kindergarten)
  • My Math alive Journal Single Kindergarten journal
  • FREE mobile app
p/n 86002 (K) $9.99

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20-Pack Journals
  • My Math alive Journals Classroom Pack of 20 for Pre-K
  • FREE mobile app
p/n 86021 (PreK) $179
Saves 10%

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20-Pack Journals (Kindergarten)
  • My Math alive Journals Classroom Pack of 20 for K
  • FREE mobile app
p/n 86022 (K) $179
Saves 10%

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Download the FREE mobile app:
Before you download, make sure your device meets these minimum requirements:

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For iPad: 3rd Generation or newer

For Android: Version 7 (Nougat) or newer

For Fire Tablet: 6th Generation, Fire Tablet 8 or newer

Note: Chromebooks are NOT supported by our mobile apps.

How to get the Journals alive app:

1. Using your mobile device, go to your source for applications.

2. Search for “Journals alive”

3. Look for this icon and get the app:

4. If you are on your device now, simply click your app source below:


To test, scan the bug below:

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