Teacher Testimonials

early literacy for pre-kindergarten

Joanie Hollinger
PreSchool Director

Tri Village School District – Ohio

“We’ve been using Letters alive in our preschool classrooms for over 10 years. We also purchased Math alive when it was introduced. We tried the Letters alive journals the first year they came out and then added the Math journals when they were introduced!

The journals are an easy way to track the progress of our students. I can not say enough about how much the Alive Studios programs have impacted the progress of our children throughout the years. I would HIGHLY recommend this program to any preschool or Kindergarten that is looking for an engaging resource to enhance learning in their classrooms.”

early literacy for kindergarten

Tracy Jackson
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Fayetteville County Public Schools

“The kids’ engagement is nothing like I have ever seen before in my 19 years of teaching.”

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early literacy for kindergarten

Sheila Rogers
Kindergarten Teacher

Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia

“It is very easy to use and has activities that can support brief mini-lessons as well as lengthier, more in-depth lessons. It can align with and enhance any curriculum.”

Sheila Rogers, a kindergarten teacher in the Gwinnett County Public School District, considers Letters alive as a powerful tool that enhances her current curriculum.

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early literacy for kindergarten

Jen Sattazahn
Kindergarten Teacher

Northwest Elementary, Lebanon SD

“I have been using Letters alive in my kindergarten class for almost a year now and my students and I absolutely LOVE it! I presented this program to our admin, tech department, and other kindergarten teachers and it was a big hit!”

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early literacy for special education phonics

Rachel Engwall
Special Education Teacher

Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia

“From 10% to over 80% of Mastery of CVC words! – My kids are obsessed!”

Rachel utilized the Letters alive® supplemental early literacy curriculum (a part of Learning alive™) with her students and experienced amazing results in just one month. The learning experience of Rachel’s students progressed from a stagnant pace to one of energy, joy & success!

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Reading Programs for special needs early readers

Michelle Luthman
Special Needs Teacher

Herman Lawson Early Childhood Center
Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD)

PPCD teacher Michelle Luthman uses Letters alive for her students with learning and intellectual disabilities, physical impairments, and other health concerns, to create an engaging learning environment to teach vital early reading skills.

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Reading Programs for ELL and ESL early readers

Hugo Gomez
Kindergarten Teacher

ELLs in Edinburg
School District in Edinburg, TX

“Over 100 PreK and Kindergarten classrooms are currently using Letters alive and Math alive with ELL students.”

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Branch-wide Rollout

Gwinnett County Public Library
Branch-wide Rollout (15 Locations)

“Only 20 percent of our kids are ready for kindergarten. Now our libraries have the ability to bridge that gap with Letters alive.”

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Washington Park Community School

Brittany Beitler
Kindergarten Teacher

Washington Park Community School
Title 1, CEP Qualified School in Newburgh Heights, OH

“My class LOVES Letters Alive! It is such an easy program to integrate into your existing curriculum. I have seen a huge difference in my students after completing just the first unit in the classroom!

It’s the perfect way to keep students learning, practicing what they need, and having fun at the same time. It is also hands-on and easy for the students to manipulate by themselves.”

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ABC World News Reading Programs for ELL and ESL early readers

ABC World News
Local story on Lawson Elementary, Dallas TX

“How do you get a room full of preschoolers to pay attention? Check out Letters alive…

The movie-like look keeps them focused; and without even realizing, they walk away better prepared for kindergarten!”

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