Administrators are blown away when they see the student outcomes achieved by using Alive Studios’ products.

To help you introduce our products to your administrators, we’ve created a simple and effective letter that explains the value of our resources!

Just download it, and forward to them!

Click to download the letter:

Need a little more help convincing your administrators to purchase Alive Studios’ products? Download and share our:
2024 Resource Guide
case studies
independent research
with your administrator!

Let your administrators know there are several Federal and State Funding options that can be used for purchasing Alive Studios’ products:

  • Federal Stimulus (ESSER)
  • STEM
  • Title I Part A
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Title III Part A
  • School Improvement Grants
  • Title IV 21st Century Schools
  • RTI
  • IDEA (SpED)
  • Early Literacy
  • Technology
  • Early Math