Product Orientation for Teachers

We offer On-Site Training and Professional Development!

Our team recognizes the importance of providing effective implementation training when incorporating something new. We are proud to offer you two levels of training, as well as customized training to meet your school or district needs.

We also offer a 2-hour LIVE virtual training session for $199. This 2-hour product orientation is a great, low-cost option for getting started immediately.


Onsite Implementation of Alive Studios’ products – Half-day (4 hours)

Step-by-step hands-on training that gives your teachers the confidence they need to set up and implement the Alive Studios supplemental kit and materials in their classrooms

  • How to boost student and teacher engagement with 3D augmented reality zoo animals
  • How to utilize multiple learning modalities and cross-curricular activities
  • Introduce ESGI digital student assessments
  • Provide overview of the Zoo Keeper Lesson Plans

p/n 60001 $2,495

1/2 Day On-Site, Professional Development


Onsite Implementation of Zoo Keeper Lesson Plans – Half-day (4 hours)

Detailed hands-on training that gives teachers the confidence and know-how to implement our supplemental Zoo Keeper Lesson Plans effectively into their classrooms

  • How to enhance your current core curriculum with Animal a Week
  • How to use the Zoo Keeper Teacher Guide
  • How to conduct Zoo Keeper ABC Boot Camp
  • How to use Literacy Centers in Boot Camp
  • How to assess students and ensure effectiveness
  • How to use Literacy Centers in Animal a Week
  • Customizable to your specific needs

Call for Level 2 pricing 678-404-7473