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Classrooms alive Tech Bundle C (27” Touchscreen Desktop and iPad)

Classrooms alive Tech Bundle C (27” Touchscreen Desktop and iPad)


Classrooms alive Tech Bundle C (w/ 27” Touchscreen Desktop and iPad)

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Classrooms alive Tech Bundle C (27” Touchscreen Desktop and iPad)


Classrooms alive
27” Touchscreen All-in-One Desktop w/ pre-loaded with Learning alive software
10″ Apple iPad with protective case
Power cable
2 hours Virtual Training*
Unlimited Help Desk

* Volume Bonus: Purchase 12 (or more) Classrooms alive Tech Bundles to convert your 2-hour virtual training into 4 hours of On-site training at a single location. (Earn Professional Development hours)

Learning alive Zoo Keeper 8.0
Learning alive is a full suite of our software learning kits including Letters alive®, Math alive®, and three Interactive Stories designed to help your early learners become proficient in reading and math. Teachers have the flexibility of teaching to whole group, centers, or individual students. The Learning Suite includes full-year, supplemental curriculums aligned to Common Core and the TEKS for Kindergarten. For one price, you can fill your classroom with our cast of 26 animated animal characters enhancing the way you teach reading and math. Enjoy the action, sounds, and engagement as our animals seemingly spring to life through the magic of Augmented Reality, which provides a 3D experience without glasses. Reading, math, and story time will never be the same and your students will love you for it!

Contents of Learning alive 8.0:
• Letters alive Zoo Keeper 8.0, Math alive Zoo Keeper 8.0, and 3 Interactive Stories on a USB Flash Drive
– One User License (We affectionately call our users, Zoo Keepers.)
• Lesson Plans for Letters alive and Math alive (provided in digital format)
– Full School Year of supplemental curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards
and to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Kindergarten
• Tracking Mat for Cards
• Ipevo USB Camera and Extension Stand
• Card Sorting Box
• Card Storage Box
• Training Videos
Letters alive Zoo Keeper 8.0:
• 26 Alphabet Cards
• 97 PreK & Kindergarten Sight Word Cards
• 84 Word Family Cards (digraphs, blends, and rimes)
• Zoo Map Poster
• Alphabet Poster
• 26 Alphabet Poster Cards
Math alive Zoo Keeper 8.0:
• Printed Math Field Guide, Zoo Keeper 123 Boot Camp (pdf), and Full-year Lesson Plans (pdf)
• Math alive Card Deck including :
– 42 number cards (two sets of 0-20)
– 10 animal cards
– 9 color cards
– 7 (2D) shape cards
– 5 (3D) shape cards
– 3 math symbol cards
– 4 custom cards
– video card
– 100 card
• Hundreds Chart
• Math Sentences Mat Overlay

27″ Touchscreen All-in-One Desktop
• HP Desktop PC
• 27″ touch-screen
• Pre-installed Learning alive software
• Power cable
• Just power up, click, and go!
• 1-Year Warranty

Apple iPad w/ Protective Case
• Display size 10″
• 32 GB (min)
• Durable Case: Shockproof Handle Stand Kids’ Case

Classroom Alphabet Rug – 3 size/shape options
Shipping is included
Our colorful and durable classroom rugs are perfect for introducing the alphabet through sight and song. With our FREE mobile app, your rug will come alive playing our Zoo Crew Alphabet Music Video on mobile tablets and smartphones!

Scan the rug with your mobile phone/tablet to sing along with our Zoo Crew Alphabet Song.
• Learn animal habitats from around the world
• Predict, check, sort, and compare findings
• Explore all 26 animals in 3D
• Collaborate with friends or work alone
• Take fun photos with animals
• Introduce upper and lowercase letters
• Learn the alphabet through song
• Create your own fun rug activities

Our mobile applications also work on these devices:
For iPhones: iPhone 5 or newer
For iPad: 3rd Generation or newer
For Android smartphones or tablets: Version 7 (Nougat) or newer
For Fire Tablet: 6th Generation, Fire Tablet 8 or newer
For Chrome OS Tablet: Lenovo 10e
Note: Chromebooks are NOT supported by our mobile apps. 🙁

cri green label classroom rugs  scotchgard classroom rugs

• ALL our rugs are made of 100% nylon.
• ALL our rugs meet or exceed Class One fire ratings.
• ALL our rugs come with a useful life-wear warranty.
• ALL our rugs are Green Label Plus certified and exceed California’s indoor air quality standards for low-emitting products used in schools.

20-Pack of My Letters alive Journals (Pre-K or Kindergarten)
This 56-page journal will help early learners master the 26 letters of the English alphabet. Our FREE mobile app helps this journal come alive in 3D (augmented reality) for an engaging and interactive experience in the classroom or at home! Kindergarten early learners now have a fun way to demonstrate their growing understanding of upper and lowercase letters and letter sounds.
A mind-boggling new way to learn letters and letter sounds!
• Introduces/reinforces letters and letter sounds
• Teaches proper letter formation
• Includes lots of open space for creativity
• Promotes family engagement
• Monitors progress with sticker badge set
• Includes the Zoo Crew Alphabet music video
• The PK version has more open, creative space – The K version has more structured activities.

20-Pack of My Math alive Journals (Pre-K or Kindergarten)
Kids will enjoy a mind-boggling interactive experience for learning numbers, counting, and shapes while feeding 26 zoo animals! My Math alive Student Journals come with a FREE mobile app that makes the Journal spring to life!
• Introduces/reinforces numbers and counting
• Teaches proper number formation
• Encourages one-to-one and rote counting
• Includes concept of more and less
• Introduces/reinforces shape recognition
• Pre-K includes 0-10 and 2D shapes
• Kindergarten includes 0-20 and 3D shapes
• The PK version has more open, creative space – The K version has more structured activities.
• Promotes family engagement
• Reinforces social-emotional behaviors
• Monitors progress with sticker badge set
• Includes the bonus Airplane Counting Game
• Uses device camera for photos with numbers and shapes

Additional information

Weight 73 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 144 in

Pre-K version, Kindergarten version

Rug Selection

with Lg Oval Rug 12ft X 7ft 6in, with Lg Rectangle Rug 12ft X 7ft 6in, with Sm Rectangle Rug 9ft X 6ft