Building Words' List

Word list for our Building Words module.

Phonetic Word Building: Combinations of three cards (including letters, blends, digraphs, and rimes) can be assembled to create hundreds of words in the Letters alive Plus – Building Words module. Combinations of two cards can also be assembled as long as at least one of the cards is a blend, digraph, or rime.

Note: This list includes common words that are age-appropriate. It does not include every possible valid word that can be built. Also, we did not include proper names as valid words.
bl br cl cr dr fl fr gl
gr pl pr sc scr sk sl sm
sn sp spl spr st str sw tr
ch kn qu sh th wh wr
ack ad ag ail ain ake ale all
am ame an ank ap ash at ate
aw ay ed eg ell en est et
ib ice ick id ide ig ight ill
in ine ing ink ip it ock og
oke op ore ot out ow ub uck
ud ug ump un ut


List of buildable words in Letters alive Plus: (buildable words for Letters alive Zoo Keeper Edition are found in the Animal a Week Lessons.)

A – C D – H I – O P – R S T – Z
ace dad ice pack sack tab
act dale icy pad sad tack
ads dam ink pail sag tag
age dame inked pain sail tail
ago dan inking pal sake take
aid dash jab pale sale tale
ailing date jack pan same tall
aim day jag par sank tame
air den jail pat sap tan
amen dew jam paw sash tank
and dib jar pay sat tap
ant dice jaw peg saw tar
any did jay pen sax tax
ape die jest per say tea
are dig jet pest scale tell
arm dill jib pet scam ten
art dim jig pew scan test
ask din job pic score than
ate dine jock pick scout thank
awake ding jog pie scow that
away dip joke pig scrap thaw
awoke doc jot pill scrub the
axe dock joy pin scud then
back doe jug pine sea thick
bad dog jump ping sell thin
bag dot junk pink set thing
bail drag kale pit sew think
bake drain keg plain shack thrash
bale drake key plan shake thrill
ball drank kick plank shame throw
bam draw kid plate shank thud
ban drill kill play she thug
bank drink kin pled shed thump
bar drip king plot shell tick
bash drug kink plow shin tide
bat drunk kit pluck shine tie
bay dry knight plug ship tight
bed dub knit plump shock till
beg duck knock plunk shore tin
bell dud knot poke shot tip
best dug know pore shout tock
bet dump lab pot show toe
bib dunk lack pout shrink ton
bid ear lad pow shrug top
big eat lag prank shuck tore
bill elf lain pray shun tot
bin elk lake price sick tout
bing elm lame prick side tow
bit end lap pride sight toy
black fad lash prill sill track
blame fail late pub sin trail
blank fake law puck sing train
bled fall lay pug sink trap
blest fame led pump sip trash
blight fan leg pun sir tray
bling far let punk sit trick
blink fat lib put six trip
blip fate lice quack skat trot
block fed lick quail skate trout
blog fell lid quake ski truck
bloke few light quest skid trump
blot fib line quick skill try
blow fig link quill skin tub
blub fight lip quip skink tuck
bog fill lit quit skip tug
bore fin lock rack skit twice
bot fine log rad skunk twig
bout fit lore rag sky twin
bow fix lot rail slack twine
bow or bow flack low rain slain two
box flag luck rake slam ump
boy flail lug ram slap umping
brad flake lump ran slash use
brag flame mack rank slate vain
brain flank mad rap slaw van
brake flap mail rash slay vest
bran flash main rat sled vet
brat flat make rate slice vice
brick flaw male raw slick vine
bride fled mall ray slid vow
bright flick mame red slide wag
brill flight man rest slight wail
bring fling map rib sling wake
brink flip mash rice slink wall
broke flit mat rid slip war
brow flock mate ride slit was
buck flog max rig slot wash
bud flow may right slow wax
bug flub med rim slug way
bump flunk men ring slump web
bun fly met rink slunk wed
bunk fog mic rip smack well
bus for mice rob small west
but fox mid rock smash wet
buy frail might rod smell whack
bye frame mill rot smock whale
cab frank mine row smog wham
cad fray mink rub smoke what
cake fret mit rug smug when
call fright mix rump snack whine
cam frill mob run snag whip
came frock mock rut snail who
can frog mop snake why
cap fun more snap wick
car funk mow snide wide
cash fur muck snip wig
cat gag mud snit will
caw gail mug snore win
cell gain nag snot wine
chain gale nail snout wing
chap gall name snow wink
chat game nan snub wit
chaw gap nap snuck woke
chest gas nay snug won
chick gash nest sock wore
chill gate net son wow
chin gem new sore wrap
ching get nib sow wren
chip gill nice sow or sow wring
chock gin nick soy yak
choke glad night spam yam
chore glib nine span yank
chow glide nip spank yap
chuck glow nit spat yell
chug glug nod sped yep
chump god nor spell yes
chunk gore not spice yet
clack got now spill yip
clad grain nub spin yoke
clam grate nun spine yore
clan gray nut spit you
clank grid oat splash yuck
clap grill oil splice zag
clash grin old spline zap
claw grip one split zest
clay grit open spoke zig
click grow ore spore zing
cling grub our spot zip
clink grump out spout zit
clip gum owe sprain
clock gun owl sprall
clog gunk own spray
clot gym sprig
clout hack spring
club had sprout
cluck hag spud
clump hail spun
clunk hall spunk
cob ham spy
cod has stack
cog hash stain
coke hat stake
cop hate stale
core hay stall
cot hell stank
cow hen stash
crack her stat
cram hick state
crank hid stay
crap hide stick
crash hill still
crate him sting
crest hip stink
crib his stock
crock hit stoke
crow hog store
crud hop stout
cry hot stow
cub how strain
cud hub strap
cup hug straw
cut hum stray
hump stride
hunk string
hut strip