Our Building Words module includes three card decks.

Phonetic Word Building: Combinations of three cards (including letters, blends, digraphs, and rimes) can be assembled to create over 1,200 words in the Letters alive – Building Words module. Combinations of two cards can also be assembled as long as at least one of the cards is a blend, digraph, or rime.

Note: Our buildable words list includes common words that are age-appropriate. It does not include every possible valid word that can be built. Also, we do not include proper names as valid words.
bl br cl cr dr fl fr gl
gr pl pr sc scr sk sl sm
sn sp spl spr st str sw tr
ch kn qu sh th wh wr
ack ad ag ail ain ake ale all
am ame an ank ap ash at ate
aw ay ed eg ell en est et
ib ice ick id ide ig ight ill
in ine ing ink ip it ock og
oke op ore ot out ow ub uck
ud ug ump un ut