Professional Learning Options

We offer three Professional Learning Packages!

Our team recognizes the importance of providing effective implementation training when incorporating something new. We offer three levels of training as well as customized training to meet your school or district needs.


Live Virtual Training – 2hrs

This 2-hour product orientation is a great, low-cost option for getting started immediately. The virtual training is delivered via Zoom. We provide an interactive and hands-on orientation and classroom implementation of the Letters alive Zoo Keeper technology and supplemental curriculum.

p/n 60110 $199
Per teacher
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I enjoyed the training and can not wait to teach my students what we learned today!”

Hancock County Head Start, Georgia


Onsite Professional Learning – 4hrs

This onsite professional learning is designed to inform and empower school leaders, teachers, and staff members on how to effectively leverage Alive Studios’ resources to increase student learning. A certified trainer will conduct training to provide a meaningful learning experience for all participants. This interactive training will begin with the development of product knowledge to equip users on operation, functionality, and usage of the hardware and software. With a strong understanding of the product and how it works, the training will progress to the most effective techniques and pedagogical approaches for implementation. Training will conclude with an opportunity for participants to collaboratively reflect upon and plan for enhanced student learning experiences.

Our step-by-step, hands-on training gives your educators the confidence they need to set up and implement Alive Studios’ resources in their classrooms.

p/n 60001 $2,495

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  • How to boost student and teacher engagement with 3D augmented reality zoo animals
  • How to utilize multiple learning modalities and cross-curricular activities
  • How to set up your supplemental curriculum resources
  • How to use the tools and technology
  • Provide overview of the Zoo Keeper Lesson Plans
  • How to use the Zoo Keeper Teacher Guide
  • How to conduct Zoo Keeper ABC Boot Camp
  • How to use Literacy Centers in Boot Camp
  • How to enhance your current core curriculum with Animal a Week
  • How to use Literacy Centers in Animal a Week
  • Introduce ESGI digital student assessments if requested
  • Customizable to your specific needs

I liked that it was interactive for us and not all a lecture format. We were able to try using the materials as we learned about how to use them in the classroom.”

East Lycoming School District, Pennsylvania


Virtual Coaching – Six 30 minute sessions

After the initial onsite learning experience, small group Professional Learning Communities (PLC) per school will be established to ensure continued implementation and provide teachers additional support.

Your success coach will support and empower teachers to address targeted learning areas, analyze student data to drive instruction, and support overall implementation.

  • Small group PLC Coaching Session (up to 5 teachers per PLC)
  • Virtual coaching calls are 30 minutes each x 6 sessions (Can be over 60 days or 6 months)

p/n 60010 $495
Per teacher
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The curriculum is awesome! So interactive. I can’t wait to use it with my students!

Kings Canyon School District, California