Zoo Crew Alphabet Song

Need a fun break?
Introduce your kids to the Zoo Crew Alphabet Animals!

Kids LOVE music and dance; it clears their minds, brightens their moods, and lifts their spirits. Teachers can use music in their classrooms as a transition between activities, during cleanup, or simply as an opportunity for students to move around and energize their brain cells!

Enjoy this lively introduction to our Zoo Crew!

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learn the alphabet song with animals

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Here are the lyrics!

Hello Zoo Keepers. Welcome to our Zoo!
Let me tell you, you’ve never seen animals like these before.
We call them the Zoo Crew.
And I’m going to introduce you to them one by one,
in alphabetical order.
You guys ready to meet them?
Okay, well now pay close attention, I’m going to go kind of fast.
That’s because I want to you to dance while you’re listening.
Let’s go!
Amos Alligator
He loves to swim, but I wouldn’t try to get too close to him, his teeth are so big,
and he always looks mad, just kidding, that’s a smile, he’s not so bad.
Brody Bear
He always wants a hug, such a furry guy filled with lots of love.
Celine Cow
She’s a happy one, she’ll sing you a song if you ask for one.
Dana Dolphin,
She swims so fast, if you try to catch her you’ll always come last.
Edie Elephant
She likes to be alone. If you ask her for some peanuts she’ll say, “get your own!”
Frankie Frog
He can jump so high, he gets so high up he can practically fly!
These are more than a few of our most lively Zoo Crew.
And they can’t wait to meet you,
Come on let’s continue, our alphabetic lesson.
I know you’ve got lots of questions.
There’s so much more to see, come on sing with me!
Gerdy Giraffe,
She’s so tall, as a matter of fact, she’s the tallest of them all.
Henry Horse,
When he’s happy he’ll prance, he’s always on the move, he loves to dance!
Ima Iguana
It’s not hard to feed her, she eats lots of berries she’s a Berry-Good eater!
James Jaguar
Oh he’s not shy, he’s always making noise, he’s a wild guy!
Katie Kangaroo,
Her legs move quick, if you’re not fast you might get kicked!
Larry Lion
He loves his sleep, he sleeps all day not making a peep.
Well, unless you make him mad…(ROAR)
See, I told you.
Michael Moose
Silly guy, his faces are so funny, you’ll laugh until you cry!!
Chorus 2:
We’ve made it halfway through, our most lively Zoo Crew.
The others can’t wait
To meet you, and yes, we will continue
Our alphabetic lesson, I know you’ve got a lot of questions.
There’s so much more to see.
But first an an alphabetic break:
Alphabetic Break:
You guys aren’t tired are you? We’ve got a lot more to see. Come on, let’s go!
Norwood Narwhal,
He has a 10 foot tooth. Don’t let him point it at you!
Ollie Orangutan
Wears human clothes, if your wearing glasses he might try to steal those.
Percy Peacock
Look at those feathers….WOW..okay you’re just showing off now.
Quentin Quail
He likes to “peck, peck, peck”, if you get too close
He might peck you on your neck!
Randy Rooster
He’s our alarm clock. He crows every morning, non stop.
Sergio Seal
He likes to do tricks, watch, clap your hands like this:
Chorus 3:
These are more than a few of our most lively Zoo Crew.
And they can’t wait to meet you.
Come on let’s continue,
Our alphabetic lesson, I know you’ve got lots of questions.
There’s so much more to see, come on sing with me!
Tommy Toucan
Look at that beak, it’s so bright and colorful, isn’t it neat.
Ulla Unau
She’s so slow. How slow? I don’t know!
Victor Vulture
He eats meat. But he also loves toes, better watch your feet!
Wagner Wolf
It’ll be night time soon, and when that time comes he’ll howl at the moon!
Xavier X-Ray Fish
Whenever you see him, make a wish.
Yosobee Yak
His hair is really thick, it’s always in his eyes, and I don’t think he likes it!
Zelda Zebra
She loves this song! In fact, she wants to sing along.
Okay, Okay, we’ll give you a turn,
but first let’s show her what we’ve learned:
Alphabetic Break:
abc, defg, hijklm, nop, qrs, tuv, wx, yz
Final Chorus:
We’ve made it all the way through!
Our most lively Zoo Crew!
It was so nice to meet you!
And now you know what they do.
If you have any questions,
You can repeat this lesson
And you can keep learning friends!
Ah, learning never ends.