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Augmented Reality Curriculum – Title 1

3D Augmented Reality Preschool Reading TechnologyEarly childhood educators attending the National Title 1 Conference in Salt Lake City this week will be treated to a hands-on experience of the latest in 3D augmented reality (AR) curriculum.

Alive Studios has announced that it will launch and demonstrate their newly integrated Learning alive Suite of AR-based learning products that supplement reading and math curriculum for early educators. Administrators and district-grouped educators are encouraged to visit booth 535 early to schedule a hands-on demonstration.

Math alive, a full-year, game-based supplemental math curriculum, is the newest addition to the Learning alive Suite. Math alive uses AR to engage students in 7 essential units of math comprehension. The 3D technology engages children, who say they learn “without even realizing it.” The Lesson Plan Manual is directly mapped to Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten and makes classroom integration seamless. Math alive allows students to interact with some of the same animals from Letters alive, the flagship product from Alive Studios. The combination of reading and math makes the Learning alive Suite comprehensive over subjects and further engages students.

The full Learning alive Suite includes Letters alive, Math alive, and Storybooks alive. Both Letters alive and Math alive feature curriculum guides that make classroom integration effortless with lesson plans, worksheets and activities, enabling full learning integration. Storybooks alive includes captivating, digital, interactive stories that teach children honorable character traits.


Letters alive is already being used in Pre-school and Kindergarten classes throughout the United States. “We use Letters alive to reinforce what our children are learning in the classroom,” says Raquel Baldwin of Baldwin Academy in Tamarac. “To see the look on their faces when they see the animals come to life is truly amazing. The children seem to be much more engaged and focused on what they’re learning.”

Audra Cervi, K-3 Reading Resource teacher at Audubon Park Elementary in Orlando, agrees. Cervi says the students “love the new flashcards because the letters actually come alive! Children are 100% engaged, watching every movement on the board. They are so excited to learn about the letters and the sounds!”

Audubon Park’s primary Special Education Teacher Mary-Elizabeth Langston says her students benefit from this rich, positive learning experience. “I hear the children throughout the day repeating the sounds they learned. We’re starting to see the difference in how they form sounds and words… there’s a willingness to learn that we had not seen before.”


Letters alive is a supplemental reading curriculum currently in use by educators in 11 countries and in hundreds of classrooms across the United States. Letters alive was designed in alignment with Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten classrooms, as well as early childhood reading within grades 1 – 5 for ESL students, RTI students and students with special needs.

The curriculum gets students excited about reading by using the same mind-blowing, computer-generated augmented reality technology implemented by the Imagineers at Walt Disney World, only in the classroom, where 26 alphabet cards spring to life to help students grasp key concepts in reading.

Each card features an animal that corresponds to a letter in the alphabet, but these are not just simple flash cards or basic animations; These animals pop up in 3-D with no glasses needed, and seem intelligent as they amazingly respond to the questions and sentences that students will build. Even reluctant learners enthusiastically respond to the animals, sounds, and movement. [more]


Math alive gets students excited about math by helping teachers teach math to early learners in a new and engaging way. Lessons and activities are mapped to Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten. Math alive develops critical learning skills that children need to meet major milestones throughout the school year at Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade levels. Math alive uses 45 skill-based interactive games and the latest “mind-blowing technology” — Augmented Reality. [more]


Storybooks alive makes reading fun and engaging for children with digital interactive storybooks. They can read the stories themselves or have the program read it to them. Children are able to interact with the pages of the digital book with the same lovable animals that are in Letters alive and Math alive. One character trait is incorporated in each digital story. (i.e., being on time, courage, or kindness) Each story has mini games and activities that are aligned to Common Core State Standards. [more]


Alive Studios is the world’s first augmented reality learning company, dedicated to engaging early learners for success in reading and math. Offering research-driven tools backed by a proven teaching methodology that kids love, Alive Studios delivers Letters alive, Math alive, and Storybooks alive  in 11 countries and in classrooms across the United States. More information at www.alivestudiosco.com


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