Matt Bonk engaging early literacy program

Matt Bonk
Kindergarten Teacher

J.G. Dyer Elementary School
Gwinnett County Public Schools

“My students demonstrated success because of the consistency and engagement provided by this program. … The augmented reality offered a unique learning experience for the students. It held the students’ attention throughout the lesson.”

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letters and letter sounds for kindergarten

Elizabeth Garner
Kindergarten Teacher

Temple Elementary | Carroll County, GA

“It just all fits together. It wasn’t like a task, it was more like fun.”

Elizabeth taught with Classrooms alive™, and her students experienced incredible success; especially with Letter Sounds!

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Teresa Adkins PreK teacher early literacy

Teresa Adkins
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Wise County Primary
Wise County Public Schools in Wise County, Virginia

“My class average at the end of the study was 20 Uppercase Letters and 18 Lowercase Letters. In addition, my students knew an average of 18 Letter Sounds!”

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early literacy for special education phonics

Rachel Engwall
Special Education Teacher

Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia

“From 10% to over 80% of Mastery of CVC words! – My kids are obsessed!”

Rachel utilized the Letters alive® supplemental early literacy curriculum (a part of Learning alive™) with her students and experienced amazing results in just one month. The learning experience of Rachel’s students progressed from a stagnant pace to one of energy, joy & success!

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Greg Smedley Kindergarten Smorgasboard Reading Programs for early readers

Mr. Greg Warren
Kindergarten Teacher

Cane Ridge Elementary
Title I school in Nashville, TN

“We are so lucky to be partnering with Alive Studios to bring augmented reality into our classroom! The kids love seeing a new animal each day! We discuss and debate what animal it might be! Watch their reactions when the animal comes to life! This brings a whole new engagement level to our reading and math lessons! I can’t wait to show you more of how we use this amazing tool!”

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Gwinnett County Schools early reading case study

Bridget Saldana
Early Intervention Program Teacher – Kindergarten

Gwinnett County Schools
Harbins Elementary, Dacula, GA

“This program is HIGHLY engaging! I have enjoyed using a letter/sound acquisition program that gets kids excited!”

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