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Vlog Episode 001: Tackling the Top 5 Education Challenges with Innovative Resources

6-minute video
Includes FREE Downloadable Resource

common issues facing early education

Stephanie Dowlearn and Gretchen Doll
Educational Consultants / Early Ed Teachers

Join Stephanie and Gretchen, two former early ed teachers, as they discuss five common challenges facing early education and introduce an upcoming 5-part VLOG series. In this intro video, Stephanie and Gretchen walk thru how to use the Zoo Crew Alphabet Show which is a FREE early literacy resource with over 6 hours of educational and entertaining content.

And, be sure to watch until the end for free access to our downloadable Interactive Alphabet Chart (pdf), which directs you to the 26 Episodes of the Zoo Crew Alphabet Show.

Topics that are being discussed in our 5 part VLOG.

Student Engagement
Early Literacy
Student Well-Being
Special Education

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Hello! We are Stephanie and Gretchen, Education Consultants from Alive Studios!

Over the past year, we’ve talked to over a thousand teachers at 15 different conferences across the country. We’ve discovered that teachers face similar challenges, such as keeping students engaged and motivated, improving literacy and reading skills, and addressing low math scores.

Additionally, COVID has brought up concerns about student well-being and social-emotional learning. As a company, we have a unique approach that can help with all of these issues. Our company uses 26 lovable zoo animals to teach children letters, sounds, and more, using 3D augmented reality technology. This innovative approach makes a novel, brain-based connection and helps children learn in a fun and engaging way.

We offer resources for teachers with big or small budgets, including a FREE Interactive Alphabet Chart that leads to each of the 26 episodes of our Zoo Crew Alphabet Show. Each episode takes children on a tour through the Alive Studios Zoo in 3D augmented reality to explore a letter, its sound, and one of our lovable zoo animals.

Even if you don’t have our resources, you can still use our show to engage children and teach them about letters and sounds. The show is also available publicly, so children can learn and engage with their families at home. During COVID, we wanted to help teachers, so we created the show as a quick and easy way to give back to early educators.

All of our animals have a social-emotional story, and we have these 26 stories available as a free download here on our website.

We are committed to helping teachers improve their students’ reading and learning skills and want to hear from you about any specific struggles you are facing.

You can email us via our website under Education Consultants, or use the form below, and we’ll be happy to help you. If you’re struggling, chances are other teachers are too, and we want to help!

Follow us at Alive Studios Zoo across all social media platforms. We’ll be back next month to talk more about student engagement. Thanks for listening!

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