Audubon Park: An Orlando Success Story (Ch. 6 News)

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Head Start Supplemental Reading Curriculum

Cervi, who works with children reading below grade level, started using Letters alive because she hoped the technology would engage students who have had a hard time cultivating literacy skills in the past. The supplemental curriculum has indeed proven helpful to Cervi’s students, as well as the school’s 50 students with autism. The excitement of seeing, hearing and interacting with a menagerie of 3D animals keeps those students engaged and helps them overcome the challenges of learning to read. Cervi says her students “love the new flash cards because the letters actually come alive! Children are 100% engaged, watching every movement on the board. They are so excited to learn about the letters and the sounds!”

Audubon Park’s primary special education teacher Mary-Elizabeth Langston agrees that her students benefit from this rich, positive learning experience. “I hear the children throughout the day repeating the sounds they learned. We’re starting to see the difference in how they form sounds and words… there’s a willingness to learn that we had not seen before.

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