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California PK1 was a Hit and they LOVED Letters alive!

OK, we’re back from Santa Clara! What an awesome time at the PK1 Show!PreK-1 Logo

This two day show was small but power-packed. It is always so cool meeting like-minded people who get jazzed about teaching PreK – 3rd Grade children. We met so many fantastic folks from all facets within California’s PK1 initiatives. The demos of our Supplemental Reading and Math Solutions were such a blast! We never stop smiling thinking about people’s facial expressions when they first see our Augmented Reality characters jump of the screen and respond to the curriculum activities.

California has a real push behind TK-1, the transition of children from Kindergarten to First Grade. Thank goodness they recognize the importance of striving to get the kids proficient in reading and math early on; This establishes the solid foundation for their continued education. We hope to be a small part of that effort.

Our Supplemental Reading and Math Solutions are the first ever to infuse Augmented Reality into an educational curriculum. The level of engagement and excitement from kids is unparalleled and teachers are loving it in their classrooms. This is what we are attempting to convey during our demos. God bless the neighboring exhibitors who have to endure our 26 characters chirping, bellowing and roaring through the showroom aisles. Hah!

If you were one of the many who stopped by to see us, drop us a line and say “hello.” We’d love to hear from you and are so excited to have been introduced to the great things going on in California early education.

Oh! And a HUGE congratulations to Katie Uebner for winning our drawing for the FREE copyCalifornia PK1 Conference of the Learning alive Suite, our Supplemental Reading and Math Software Solution for PreK to 3rd Grade (valued at $1,295).