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Alive Studios Zoo CrewOur next stop on the trade show circuit was the FETC Convention in sunny Orlando, Florida. What a treat to have 60+ degree weather in January!

We selected FETC to be where we officially announced the newest addition to our educational software solutions, Math alive! On the heels of the successful, Letters alive – our supplemental reading program for PreK to 3rd Graders, comes our solution for early math learners. Like Letters alive, Math alive is infused with an amazing technology known as augmented reality. As expected, attendees who passed by our booth were stopped in their tracks; firstly, by the jungle noises accompanying our 26 animal characters, and secondly, by seeing our characters come alive and jump off the screen!

One of our booth visitors was Barbara, an LAUSD Common Core Math Specialist. She was glued to our booth and full of questions. Seeing so much potential in Math alive for her teachers, she gathered all the information possible to bring back to California.

Our faithful crew ran demos non-stop, which caused the crowd to consistently be 3-4 people deep. (We apologize if you had questions and we were not able to assist to you.) We had all kinds of magic going on and brought out all the stops; From our colorful Converse to Gerdy Giraffe roaming around the booth, we made every attempt to bring well-deserved attention to Math alive. FETC Alive Studios ConverseWe are on a mission to get children proficient in reading and math by the third grade, and FETC was another great stop on the crusade.

We cannot talk about the FETC Show without mentioning the two lucky winners of our Learning alive Suite! Our educational software bundle for reading and math is valued at $1,295. Jane, of Buncombe County Schools, and Debra, of Port Orange Elementary, had their names drawn from the entries and celebrated the win. Congratulations to both and we look forward to hearing how much your kids love learning with our beloved characters.
Buncombe County SchoolsPort Orange Elementary

Our next stop is the Title1 Show in Salt Lake City. The crusade marches on!! Yay!!

California PK1 was a Hit and they LOVED Letters alive!

OK, we’re back from Santa Clara! What an awesome time at the PK1 Show!PreK-1 Logo

This two day show was small but power-packed. It is always so cool meeting like-minded people who get jazzed about teaching PreK – 3rd Grade children. We met so many fantastic folks from all facets within California’s PK1 initiatives. The demos of our Supplemental Reading and Math Solutions were such a blast! We never stop smiling thinking about people’s facial expressions when they first see our Augmented Reality characters jump of the screen and respond to the curriculum activities.

California has a real push behind TK-1, the transition of children from Kindergarten to First Grade. Thank goodness they recognize the importance of striving to get the kids proficient in reading and math early on; This establishes the solid foundation for their continued education. We hope to be a small part of that effort.

Our Supplemental Reading and Math Solutions are the first ever to infuse Augmented Reality into an educational curriculum. The level of engagement and excitement from kids is unparalleled and teachers are loving it in their classrooms. This is what we are attempting to convey during our demos. God bless the neighboring exhibitors who have to endure our 26 characters chirping, bellowing and roaring through the showroom aisles. Hah!

If you were one of the many who stopped by to see us, drop us a line and say “hello.” We’d love to hear from you and are so excited to have been introduced to the great things going on in California early education.

Oh! And a HUGE congratulations to Katie Uebner for winning our drawing for the FREE copyCalifornia PK1 Conference of the Learning alive Suite, our Supplemental Reading and Math Software Solution for PreK to 3rd Grade (valued at $1,295).

Announcing Math alive at #FETC! Yay!!

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Are you headed to FETC this week? Us too!

Alive Studios will be among 475 exhibiting companies at the Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC) this week in Orlando!

If your brain starts getting mushy from all of those presentations, or you want to just skip to the best solution on the market for early childhood learning in reading and math, start your tradeshow stroll with a visit to Alive Studios. We will be at booth 263 on the trade show floor!

Demos Demos Demos!

Alive Studios will be holding ongoing product demos as well as two drawings for the NEW Learning Alive Suite (a total value of $2,590). The first drawing will be on Thursday January 22nd at 4:10 pm and the second drawing will be on Friday, January 23rd at 1:50 pm. Be sure to stop by booth #263 to register for these drawings and meet Gerdy the Giraffe and Amos the Alligator!

Laser Training (that doesn’t hurt)!

Already using Alive Studios products in your school? We’ll be offering free laser trainings on the hour for Letters alive, Math alive and Storybooks alive in the booth. Want to check out how augmented reality mixed with smart curriculum design can boost reading and math results? Come by for a demo at any time. If we’re slammed, just schedule a time to come back for a personal demonstration.

A Sneak-Peek at the Learning alive Suite:

Letters alive is a supplemental reading curriculum currently in use by educators in 11 countries and in hundreds of classrooms across the United States. Letters alive was designed in alignment with Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten classrooms, as well as early childhood reading within grades 1 – 5 for ESL students, RTI students and students with special needs.

The curriculum gets students excited about reading by using the same mind-blowing, computer-generated augmented reality technology implemented by the Imagineers at Walt Disney World, only in the classroom, where 26 alphabet cards spring to life to help students grasp key concepts in reading.

Each card features an animal that corresponds to a letter in the alphabet, but these are not just simple flash cards or basic animations; These animals pop up in 3-D with no glasses needed, and seem intelligent as they amazingly respond to the questions and sentences that students will build. Even reluctant learners enthusiastically respond to the animals, sounds, and movement. [more]

We will be introducing our newest software, Math alive! Math alive gets students excited about math by helping teachers teach math to early learners in a new and engaging way. Lessons and activities are mapped to Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten and First Grade. Math alive develops critical learning skills that children need to meet major milestones throughout the school year at Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade levels. Math alive uses 45 skill-based interactive games and the latest “mind-blowing technology” — Augmented Reality. [more]

Storybooks alive makes reading fun and engaging for children with digital interactive storybooks. They can read the stories themselves or have the program read it to them. Children are able to interact with the pages of the digital book with the same lovable animals that are in Letters alive and Math alive. One character trait is incorporated in each digital story. (i.e., being on time, courage, or kindness) Each story has mini games and activities that are aligned to Common Core State Standards. [more]

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