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Vlog Episode 002: Student Engagement | Tackling the Top 5 Education Challenges
Student Engagement in Early Literacy

Video length: 15:36 Includes history of student engagement Stephanie Dowlearn and Gretchen Doll Educational Consultants / Early Ed Teachers Click to watch the 15-minute video discussion. Join Stephanie and Gretchen, two former early ed teachers, as they discuss five common challenges facing early education and take a deeper dive into student engagement. In this second …

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Alive Studios goes to TX and Letters alive goes to a deserving classroom!

Oh my goodness, can we at Alive Studios just tell you guys how much fun we had at NAEYC’s Annual Conference! It was so awesome. We got to see and meet so many dedicated...

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Audubon Park: An Orlando Success Story (Ch. 6 News)

Cervi, who works with children reading below grade level, started using Letters alive because she hoped the...

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Engaging Disabled Students like never before with Letters Alive

Using Letters Alive Head Start and Early Head Start instructors in TX are...

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5 Qualities That Any Effective Teacher Must Possess

Sharon Campbell recently retired from an illustrious teaching career of over 30 years.

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Gwinnett Daily Announces Alive Studios Launch

Gwinnett Chamber Economic Development officials announced the launch of Alive Studios...

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Study Shows Gains in Pre-K using Augmented Reality

Pre-K and Kindergarten students made greater gains on two standard reading skill assessments ...

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New Research into Augmented Reality in K12

Pre-K and Kindergarten students made greater gains on two standard reading skill assessments when using the

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New study shows gains in Pre & Kindergarten reading

Research shows gains in emergent literacy skill development using Letters alive®

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