Volume Bonus Program

How to get FREE Professional Development and FREE Online Student Assessments:

Purchase 10 or more Classrooms alive or Learning alive kits


Purchase 15 or more Letters alive or Math alive Kits

… and you will receive:

FREE 1/2 day of onsite Professional Development (Level 1) for all participating teachers

Hands-on instruction at your location that focuses on evidence-based practices for improving student outcomes by using our supplemental programs. (Learn more)

Over $300 Value
per Teacher

FREE full-year of online Student Assessments for each participating teacher

ESGI is a simple and easy to use assessment platform for conducting one-on-one assessments for emergent and non-readers. These online digital assessments for guiding instruction save teachers over 400 hours per year in cumbersome paperwork! Several popular assessments are included; and, you can even create your own! With a single-click, you can share personalized letters with parents in either English or Spanish, and send student progress reports to administrators. (Learn more)

The Free ESGI online digital assessment subscriptions are only for schools/teachers who are not already subscribed to ESGI’s services.