Learning alive Zoo Keeper Edition™

Who’s it for?
PreK and K Instruction
1st – 3rd grade Intervention
All ages for ELL and Special Needs students


What is Learning alive Zoo Keeper Edition?

Learning alive is a brain-based supplemental curriculum that includes Letters alive Zoo Keeper Edition, Math alive, and three Interactive Stories designed to help your early learners become proficient in reading, writing, and mathematics. Fill your classroom with our magical cast of 26 zoo animals for a super-engaging, cross-curricular experience. Enjoy the action, sounds, and engagement as our animals spring to life via augmented reality to provide an eye-popping, interactive 3D experience for your kids.

What’s in the Kit?

  • Letters alive® Zoo Keeper Edition*
  • Math alive® kit*
  • Interactive Stories
        – Amos Alligator’s Airport Adventure
        – Ima Iguana, Treasure Hunter
        – Ollie Orangutan, Helping Ollie
  • * Includes one document camera, one tracking mat, and one card storage box between the two kits.

This award-winning supplemental reading kit incorporates multiple learning modalities and a cross-curricular approach to teach letters, letter sounds, word building, and sentence building. The Zoo Keeper Lesson Plans are presented as a magical tour through the Alive Studios Zoo and are aligned to Kindergarten ELA standards (also great for Pre-K).

26 animals spring to life right in your classroom tying science into early literacy. This multimodal, brain-based approach is proven to increase student engagement and boost reading proficiency and retention.

  • letter naming
  • word building
  • basic colors
  • letter sounds
  • sentence building
  • animal facts
  • phonemic awareness
  • punctuation
  • social/emotional skills
  • phonics skills
  • reading / comprehension
  • kinesthetic/visual/auditory
  • letter writing
  • listening vocabulary
  • and more
Letters alive includes

What are the NEW Zoo Keeper Lesson Plans?

Boost your literacy block to new heights with this magical Zoo Tour! Aligned to kindergarten ELA standards, this supplemental curriculum for Letters alive® is simple for teachers and powerful for students.

Teacher Field Guide

This colorful, printed Teacher Field Guide is designed to make your lesson planning a breeze. It will be your at-a-glance overview and scope and sequence for our Zoo Keeper ABC Boot Camp and our Animal a Week Lesson Plans. The guide also includes a poster-sized Zoo Map and Alphabet Chart. This easy-to-follow guide will make choosing the lessons you want to include in your literacy block easier than ever.

Zoo Keeper ABC Boot Camp™ – 6 Weeks

  • Developed with The Kindergarten Smorgasboard™
  • Introduces one letter, one letter sound, and one animal each day
  • 500+ pages in PDF format
  • Focuses on letter sounds and letter recognition
  • Includes 12 Alphabet & Phonemic Awareness Literacy Center options
  • Includes 26 Letter Books
  • Has 26 Predictable Readers
  • Can be used to launch your school year, as a Summer Program, or at a slower pace for kindergarten readiness
  • Videos of Mr. Greg modeling best practices

Animal a Week Lesson Plans™ – 26 Weeks

  • 26 weeks of zoo-themed lessons with interactive animals from Letters alive
  • 1,000+ pages in PDF format
  • Daily skill-based activity options aligned to Kindergarten ELA Standards (and TEKS)
  • Over 400 Literacy Center activities within five center choices: Alphabet, Phonemic Awareness, Writing Work, Reading to self / to friends, and Word Work
  • Ties in science with 100’s of animal/habitat-themed activities
  • 26 Habitat and Animal Fact Sheets
  • 12 STEM Activities
  • 25.5” x 22” Zoo Map Poster
  • 22” x 25.5” Alphabet Chart Poster
  • 26 rhyming stories featuring each animal with a social/emotional growth skill

Watch Letters alive
in the classroom!

Mr. Greg | Kindergarten Teacher

Mr. Greg gets incredible results using Letters alive with ABC Boot Camp!

See Greg’s 4-year Case Study

Independent Research Proves it!

  • increase in letter naming fluency
    This was a 2x gain over non-users.
  • increase in letter sound fluency
    This was a 4x gain over non-users.

See Full Story

Study by Tamra Ogletree, Ph.D / University of Georgia

This interactive supplemental mathematics kit uses augmented reality (3D without glasses) and gaming technology to teach 86 essential math concepts to early learners.

Immediate feedback and positive verbal affirmations encourage learners throughout the hands-on activities.

  • number recognition
  • subtraction
  • word problems
  • counting
  • comparison
  • place value
  • number writing
  • measurement
  • base ten
  • 2D shapes
  • graphs
  • decomposition
  • 3D shapes
  • prediction
  • and more
  • addition
  • orientation and direction

Watch Math alive
in the classroom!

Mr. Greg | Kindergarten Teacher

Math alive includes a full school-year of lesson plans:

  • Aligned to kindergarten state standards
  • 400+ pages in pdf format
  • Over 260 activity sheets
  • 7 Math concept stories
  • 26 Animal facts
  • 10 Habitat fact sheets
  • 174 Math vocabulary cards

Learning alive includes three Interactive Stories that will take your students on magical adventures! Each story teaches a social/emotional growth skill and includes hands-on games and activities that will improve reading comprehension.

  • Amos Alligator’s Airport Adventure: Teaches the importance of being on time.
  • Ima Iguana, Treasure Hunter: Teaches the value of courage.
  • Ollie Orangutan, Helping Ollie: Teaches the virtue of helping others.

Watch an overview of
Learning alive

School District of Philadelphia
District-wide rollout

reading proficiency in philadelphiaI frequently visit classrooms and nothing makes me happier than seeing children excited about learning and they are excited about Learning alive!
Jim Cupit

Early Childhood Education Field Admin.

Also includes a 60-Day Trial to ESGI

for At-Home or At-School student progress monitoring!

Getting real-time data has never been easier!

ESGI At-Home delivers accurate, authentic progress monitoring. Using Zoom, Google Meet or any district video conferencing software, teachers simply share screens and review progress.

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