Supplemental Reading and Math Classroom Kit

Who’s it for?
Instructional for PreK and K
Intervention for 1st – 3rd grade
All ages for ELL and Special Needs students

Coming Soon!

What is Learning alive® Zoo Keeper Edition?

Learning alive will soon include the NEW Letters alive® Zoo Keeper Edition!

When we combined the amazing feedback from our users with the crazy talent of our product development team, we created something really special for kids and teachers!

The Zoo Keeper Edition has all the magic of Math alive® and Interactive Stories™ along with these new Letters alive features:

  • Zoo Keeper Lesson Plans (see below for details)
  • Video Learning Center for easy “how-to” navigation
  • Thousands of new buildable sentences
  • Hundreds of new buildable words

Includes the NEW Zoo Keeper Lesson Plans!

Boost your literacy block to new heights with this magical Zoo Tour! Aligned to kindergarten ELA standards, this supplemental curriculum for Letters alive® is simple for teachers and powerful for students.

Teacher Field Guide

This colorful, printed Teacher Field Guide is designed to make your lesson planning a breeze. It will be your at-a-glance overview and scope and sequence for our Zoo Keeper ABC Boot Camp and our Animal a Week lessons. Also included is a poster-sized Zoo Map and Alphabet Chart. This easy-to-follow guide will make choosing the lessons you want to include in your literacy block easier than ever!

Zoo Keeper ABC Boot Camp™ (6 weeks)

  • Introduces one letter, one letter sound, and one animal each day
  • Focuses on letter sounds and letter recognition
  • Includes 12 Alphabet & Phonemic Awareness Literacy Center options
  • 500+ pages of lessons and activities in PDF format
  • Can be used to launch your school year, as a Summer Program, or at a slower pace for kindergarten readiness
  • Modeling videos of Mr. Greg with his students
  • Developed with The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

Animal a Week Lesson Plans™ (26 weeks)

  • 26 weeks of zoo-themed lessons with interactive animals from Letters alive
  • 1,000+ pages of lessons and activities in PDF format
  • Daily skill-based activity options aligned to Kindergarten ELA Standards (and TEKS)
  • Over 400 Literacy Center activities within five center choices: Alphabet, Phonemic Awareness, Writing Work, Reading to self / to friends, and Word Work
  • Ties in science with 100’s of animal/habitat-themed activities
  • 26 Habitat and Animal Fact Sheets
  • 26 animal craft and snack ideas
  • 12 STEM Activities
  • 22” x 25.5” Zoo Map Poster
  • 22” x 25.5” Alphabet Chart Poster
  • 26 rhyming stories featuring each animal with a social/emotional growth skill

The NEW Letters alive® Zoo Keeper Edition kit will be $1,295.

If you already own Letters alive Plus, you can get the Zoo Keeper Edition UPGRADE for only $295!

What’s included in the Upgrade?

  • Zoo Keeper Lesson Plans (see above for details)
  • Video Learning Center for easy “how-to” navigation
  • Thousands of new buildable sentences
  • Hundreds of new buildable words
  • Zoo Keeper Teacher Field Guide (printed)
  • Poster-size Zoo Map
  • Poster-size Animal Alphabet Chart

  • UPGRADE SPECIAL: If you purchase(d) Learning alive Plus kit between the months of July, August, September, or October of 2019 – You can SAVE $150 on your purchase of the Zoo Keeper Edition UPGRADE! So, Buy Now & Save! (We will need a copy of your invoice/p.o. with the proper month reflected when you order your upgrade. This 50% Off special will expire March 31, 2020)

    What if I’m waiting for my funding/grant to purchase at the current price of Learning alive Plus?

    Don’t worry! As long as we are made aware prior to December 31, 2019, we will make Learning alive Plus available for you into first quarter 2020.