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Supplemental Reading and Math Program

Our Story

“In 2003 my husband and I adopted two brothers from an orphanage in Latvia. Like most parents in the US, we sent them to school with hopes and dreams for them to learn and grow. When they started school and began the journey of learning to read, that journey quickly turned into a gut-wrenching struggle for the boys and our family as a whole. They needed a solution that would engage and hold their attention and make learning fun. We, along with their educators, exhausted all the tools and resources that were available. Nothing worked.

At the time, I was leading another Edtech company. One day, one of our young employees said he had “something really cool” to show me. It was a simple flashcard that used augmented reality to make the Eiffel Tower pop off the page in 3D.

My mind’s eye immediately saw a giraffe popping up and interacting with children. I was blown away at the potential this new technology had for engaging early learners! I was smitten with the thought of creating a magical learning environment, not only for our boys but for children everywhere. This led me and my team to start developing a solution that would become Letters alive, and in 2014 we launched the company Alive Studios.

Since then, we have heard thousands of incredible stories from teachers, administrators and parents on how our technology-powered curriculum is changing the lives of their children in the classroom and at home. These amazing stories are what inspire us to continue creating resources that foster a positive and impactful learning experience enabling children to build a strong foundation that will lead to success in life.”

Our Mission

Supplemental Reading and Math Program

To create a joy-filled and engaging 21st century learning experience that wins early literacy for every PreK and Kindergarten child in America.

Our Movement

America’s children continue to have a literacy crisis. The 2019 Nations Report Card shows only 35% of our 4th graders are reading proficiently. Our movement is to help shift these scores to over 70% reading proficiency.

Supplemental ELA and Math Program for kindergarten

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