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Funding for Supplemental Reading and Math Early Childhood Education Program

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“As former educators, we know how challenging it can be to fund educational products that you know will make a difference in your students’ lives. Some of our Zoo Keepers have shared their most successful approaches to getting funding. Check out the resources below and you’ll be on your way!”

Funding for Supplemental Reading and Math Early Childhood Education Program

4 Funding Resources

Ask your Administrator

Administrators are blown away when they see the student outcomes achieved by using Alive Studios’ products. Download and share our classroom case studies and independent research with your Administrator!

Here are several Federal and State Funding options that can be used for purchasing Alive Studios’ products:

  • Title I Part A
  • STEM
  • Title III Part A
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Title IV 21st Century Schools
  • School Improvement Grants
  • IDEA (SpED)
  • RTI
  • Technology
  • Early Literacy
  • Special Needs
  • Federal Stimulus (ESSER) K-12
          and Headstart

Set up a Project

Parents, friends, and philanthropists fund classroom projects everyday. Openly communicating your need will invite others to help you acquire the desired funds. Select from three proven crowd-source funding options below:

(Our products can be found in the Kaplan Early Learning catalog.)

Write a Grant Proposal

Grants are often available to fund classroom materials and software for early childhood projects from national and local not-for-profit organizations. You may find grants on your state’s Dept of Education website.

In addition, check out this great resource to search for other available grants:

If you decide to write a grant proposal, start with these helpful templates:

Get 6-Month 0% Financing

You can now purchase Alive Studios’ products using PayPal credit. This allows you to finance any purchase of $99 or more and get 6 months to pay it off with 0% interest.

Click below to learn more about PayPal’s funding option: