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On-Site Professional Development


Alive Studios On-site Professional Development

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Anxious to Get Started? No problem; We offer On-Site Professional Development!
Invite us to come to your location!

  • Receive a half-day (4 hours) of professional development at your location
  • Follow step-by-step set up & demonstration with hands-on learning
  • Learn best practices for instruction and curriculum implementation
  • Learn how to assess your students digitally: analyze, teach, and share reports while saving time. Use this data to improve instruction.
  • Discuss student engagement and learn how to improve it with Augmented Reality
  • Learn how to utilize multiple learning modalities and cross-curricular activities
  • Includes travel and accommodations within the 48 contiguous states
  • Conducted at a single location of your choice

  • During the one day class, participants will learn how to fully integrate their purchased software solution (Letters alive, Math alive and/or Storybooks alive) as a supplement to their everyday instruction. Participants will get hands-on practice with everything from camera set-up to building sentences and working math problems. All the products, as well as the modules, will be covered in this training.

    List price for Continental US only. Additional charges will apply for Hawaii, Alaska, or international locations. We require a Purchase Order or credit card 21 days ahead of the scheduled training to avoid additional charges. Please call for a quote and scheduling.