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Math alive® 8.0 Laptop Bundle with Cart

Math alive® 8.0 Laptop Bundle with Cart


Math alive 8.0 Teacher Bundle with Cart

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This convenient bundle combines an HP Notebook, preloaded with our Math alive Kit, and a Teacher’s “Zoo” Cart with built-in Audio.

HP Notebook
• Laptop PC optimized for Alive Studios’ Software
• 15″ touch-screen
• Includes pre-installation of Math alive
• Just power up, click, and go!
• 1-Year Warranty

Math alive includes a full-year, game-based, supplemental math curriculum featuring an exciting technology known as Augmented Reality. This provides a 3D experience without glasses and provides kids an exciting and hands-on way to learn necessary math skills.

Math alive Zoo Keeper 8.0:
• Printed Math Field Guide, Zoo Keeper 123 Boot Camp (pdf), and Full-year Lesson Plans (pdf)
• Math alive Card Deck including :
– 42 number cards (two sets of 0-20)
– 10 animal cards
– 9 color cards
– 7 (2D) shape cards
– 5 (3D) shape cards
– 3 math symbol cards
– 4 custom cards
– video card
– 100 card
• Hundreds Chart
• Math Sentences Mat Overlay

Teacher’s “Zoo” Cart for Supplemental Reading and Math Software
Highly functional and exceptionally durable audio Cart securely stores your computer and teaching materials while also functioning as an Alive Studios Instruction Station! Handy, full-width pull-up side shelf provides all the space you need to present Letters alive, Math alive and/or Storybooks alive. The cart includes a convenient drawer so you can easily sort your card decks in advance of your lessons. The locking compartment door swings completely to the side to allow easy access to the built-in 18W subwoofer and two speakers, conveniently fixed to a slide-out shelf for easy access. An audio hub with independent volume control is included that also allows for auxiliary output devices such as an iPod or mp3 player. The back panel has sturdy, metal mesh covering the speaker enclosure and is built to allow the power cord to exit while the Cart is securely locked. The top features a cable grommet with cable holder insert and integral cable management. Built-in power with 6 surge protected outlets/15 ft cord makes it easy to plug in other equipment such your laptop, 3″ heavy duty locking swivel casters. Overall: 24w x 20d x 36.5h

Light, wood tone finish with decorative and fun zoo emblems

Details about our Teacher’s Cart These Carts have a super sturdy design and are made from 90% pre-consumer and 10% post consumer recycled wood materials so they won’t rattle or loosen like metal carts. They are low-maintenance, covered in heat- and impact-resistant laminate, and offer high value for the investment. At 24w x 20d x 36.5h our Carts can fit most anywhere! All carts come with a top grommet with cable holder insert, 6 surge protected outlets/20 ft cord, full height locking door, & heavy duty locking swivel casters. Although laminate is durable, scratches are unavoidable because classroom Carts typically get heavy wear. Packaging/Delivery (via. Common Carrier): Carts are shipped via common carrier inside cardboard container(s) made from recycled and fully recyclable materials. Additionally, carts may, at times, be strapped to a pallet to ensure added protection during shipping. These pallets are made of wood and are fully reusable and recyclable.


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Weight 190 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 37 in