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Letters alive Plus Teacher Bundle


Letters alive Kit Teacher Bundle

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This convenient bundle includes an HP Notebook preloaded with our Letters alive Plus Software.

HP Notebook
• Laptop PC optimized for Alive Studios’ Software
• 15″ touch-screen
• Includes pre-installation of Letters alive Plus
• Just power up, click, and go!
• 1-Year Warranty

Letters alive® Plus is a supplemental reading kit that Letters alive plus supplemental reading software incorporates evidence-based best practices to teach early literacy skills. Teachers have the flexibility of teaching to whole group, centers, or individual students. The lessons and activities are presented within a theme, which includes animals, and ties in sciences. Children are hearing, seeing, touching, building, and speaking while enjoying a positive and engaging experience that increases proficiency and retention.

This multi-modality and cross-curricular approach appeals to a broad range of learning styles and abilities. The learning kit includes a full-year supplemental curriculum aligned to kindergarten state standards with 26 alphabet cards, 97 sight word cards, and 84 word family cards that spring to life in 3D through the advanced 3D technology known as augmented reality.

Contents of the Letters alive Plus Kit:
• Letters alive Plus Software on USB Flash Drive
– One User License (We affectionately call our users, Zoo Keepers.)
• Teacher Lesson Plan Manual (provided in PDF format)
– Full School Year of supplemental curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards and to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Kindergarten
• Tracking Mat for Cards
• 26 Alphabet Posters
• 26 Alphabet Cards
• 97 PreK & Kindergarten Sight Word Cards
• 84 Word Family Cards (digraphs, blends and rimes)
• Ipevo USB Camera and Extension Stand
• Card Sorting Box
• Card Storage Box
• Training Videos
• 60-Day FREE Trial to ESGI for Digital Assessments

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