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How to Make Easy, Engaging, and Effective Centers for Elementary Classrooms
effective center ideas for kindergarten

7-minute read Includes FREE Downloadable Resources Gretchen Doll Educational Consultant / Early Ed Teacher As educators, we know targeted small groups that provide explicit instruction are a crucial component for young learners. To determine placement and keep groupings fluid according to skill for systematic and explicit instruction that moves students forward, you also need time …

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Augmented Reality (3D) Storybook

We are introducing a new augmented reality printed storybook, Amos Alligator Arrives at the Airport, into our current line of reading and math programs for PreK to 3rd graders. Our new interactive storybook is...

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Another Cool Augmented Reality Tool

Hello fellow CEO’s … Chief Education Officers! I am blessed with the opportunity to speak at several educational conferences around the country about augmented reality… one of my favorite topics. I know we develop...

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