Zoo Crew Classroom Alphabet Rugs

Augmented Reality Children's Books

Who’s it for?
Early readers and STEM programs
in Pre-K and Kindergarten Classrooms.
Also, great fun for Media Centers!

What is Rugs aliveTM?

Rugs alive is a colorful and durable interactive classroom rug that comes to life in the classroom with the mobile Rugs alive app that is used to scan the rug. Each of our 26 animals come alive when matched with its correct habitat card (available to download and Print). Students can walk around the animals and explore them from all sides and can also play the Zoo Crew Alphabet Song right from the rug, which is perfect for reinforcing the alphabet through sight, song, and 3D magic.

Additionally, the rug can be utilized to increase student collaboration, relationship building, effective communication and early concepts of STEM and problem solving.

Great for whole group and center time activities!

Augmented Reality Children's Books
Rug Image

Rugs alive

Watch this quick overview to see Rugs alive in action!

How will Rugs alive help my students?

  • Learn animal habitats from around the world
  • Predict, check, sort, and compare findings
  • Explore all 26 animals in 3D
  • Collaborate with friends or work alone
  • Take fun photos with animals
  • Introduce upper and lowercase letters
  • Learn the alphabet through song
  • Enjoy other STEM and SEL activities

Rugs alive is a fantastic complement
to our journals and Letters alive!

Rugs alive

Watch this how-to video!

Here’s how to get started with Rugs alive:

Rugs alive
Small Round
  • 6′ Diameter Floor Rug
  • FREE mobile app
  • Seats up to 8 K kids
Rug Shop
p/n 89101 $225

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Rugs alive
Large Oval
  • 12′ x 7’6″ Floor Rug
  • FREE mobile app
  • Seats up to 20 K kids
Alive Studios Oval rug
p/n 89302 $425

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Rugs alive
Small Rectangle
  • 9′ x 6′ Floor Rug
  • FREE mobile app
  • Seats up to 16 K kids
Rug Shop
p/n 89201 $325

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Rugs alive
Large Rectangle
  • 12′ x 7’6″ Floor Rug
  • FREE mobile app
  • Seats up to 26 K kids
Rug Shop
p/n 89202 $425

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Here’s how to make your rug come alive!
  1. Print out the seven Habitat Cards and additional suggested activities by Clicking Here.
    When printing, be sure to select FIT TO PAGE. You can print them in color or black and white. These habitat cards will be used in conjunction with your rug and the mobile app to make the animals come alive!
  2. Using your mobile device, select your source for downloading app below:
  3. Search for “Rugs alive”
  4. Look for this icon and get the app:
  5. Rugs Alive

  6. If you are on your mobile device now, click below to get the Rugs alive app:


To play our Alphabet Song without a rug,
simply scan the logo below with the Rugs alive app:

Alphabet Song without a rug