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Letters alive Plus Pre-K Sight Word Deck


Letters alive Plus Pre-K Sight Word Deck (29 cards)

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Letters alive Plus Pre-Kindergarten Sight Card Deck

This card deck requires the Letters alive Plus Kit.

These are replacement cards in case your existing set gets damaged or becomes missing a few cards. There are a total of 40 high-frequency, sight words from the Dolch Pre-Kindergarten list. This deck includes 29 cards.

To get all 40 Pre-Kindergarten Sight Words, this deck MUST be purchased with the Quick Intro Deck, which includes several of the necessary sight words.

Our specially-made flash cards are used to activate the 3D augmented reality animations. They are color coded on the bottom for usage within the appropriate module. The cards are coated with a special scratch-resistant matte finish for durability. Smudges can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. All cards have a common back image for proper grouping and sorting.

Our sight word card decks include bright attention grabbing photographic images of nature scenes and animals.

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