Training Videos | Learning alive Suite for Sprout Pro by HP

In efforts to help you have the most successful experience with our supplemental reading and math solutions, we have developed these short instructional videos.

Please watch the training videos for your Sprout model below:

For Sprout Pro by HP G2 Users

hp sprout pro g2 with augmented reality

Learning alive Demo on G2

Tips and Tricks with G2

Setting Up Learning alive Plus (7:04)

How to Use Letters and Building Sentences (12:00)

How to Use Building Words (4:00)

How to Use Math alive (20:54)

How to Use Interactive Stories (3:52)

How to Use ESGI (25:29)

For Sprout Pro by HP G1 Users


Setting Up Learning alive Plus (7:04)

Learning alive Plus Station Demo (12:36)

Tips for Sprout Pro G1 (2:52)