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My Math alive Journal (PreK 20-pack)


Classroom 20-pack | My Math alive Journal (Kindergarten) provides early learners an engaging way to learn numbers, counting, and 2D shapes while interacting with zoo animals!

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This 40-page journal will help early learners master the numbers 0-10 and seven 2D shapes. Our FREE Journals alive mobile app makes this journal come alive for an engaging and interactive experience in the classroom or at home! Pre-K early learners now have a fun way to demonstrate their growing understanding of numbers, counting, and shapes.

A mind-boggling new way to learn numbers, counting, and shapes!
* Introduces/reinforces numbers and counting
* Teaches proper number formation
* Encourages one-to-one and rote counting
* Includes concept of more and less
* Introduces/reinforces shape recognition
* Pre-K includes 0-10 and 2D shapes
* Kindergarten includes 0-20 and 3D shapes
* Promotes family engagement
* Reinforces social-emotional behaviors
* Monitors progress with sticker badge set
* Includes the bonus Airplane Counting Game
* Uses device camera for photos with numbers and shapes

Download the FREE mobile app:

1. Using your mobile device, go to your source for applications. (App Store or Google Play)

2. Search for “Journals alive”

3. Look for this icon and get the app:

4. If you are on your device now, simply click your app source below: