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My Math alive Journal (K)


My Math alive Journal (Kindergarten) provides early learners an engaging way to learn numbers, counting, and 3D shapes while interacting with zoo animals!

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This 56-page journal will help early learners master the numbers 0-20 and five 3D shapes. Our FREE Journals alive mobile app makes this journal come alive for an engaging and interactive experience in the classroom or at home! Early learners now have a fun way to demonstrate their growing understanding of numbers, counting, and shapes.

A mind-boggling new way to learn numbers, counting, and shapes!
* Introduces/reinforces numbers and counting
* Teaches proper number formation
* Encourages one-to-one and rote counting
* Includes concept of more and less
* Introduces/reinforces shape recognition
* Pre-K includes 0-10 and 2D shapes
* Kindergarten includes 0-20 and 3D shapes
* Promotes family engagement
* Reinforces social-emotional behaviors
* Monitors progress with sticker badge set
* Includes the bonus Airplane Counting Game
* Uses device camera for photos with numbers and shapes

Download the FREE mobile app:

1. Using your mobile device, go to your source for applications. (App Store or Google Play)

2. Search for “Journals alive”

3. Look for this icon and get the app:

4. If you are on your device now, simply click your app source below: