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My Letters alive Journal (PreK 20-pack)


Classroom 20-pack of our My Letters alive Journal (Pre-Kindergarten).

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The FREE Journals alive app for smartphones and tablets (see details below) allows this journal to spring to life for a magical, interactive experience with letters, letter sounds, and animals.
This journal and app will have your kids totally engaged.
Perfect for Classrooms or Homeschoolers!

My Letters alive® Student Journals (ages 3 & 4)
A super-engaging way to learn and practice letters and letter sounds!

* Uses 3D augmented reality animals!
* Introduces/reinforces letters and letter sounds
* Teaches proper letter formation
* Encourages creative writing
* Reinforces sight words
* Promotes comprehension when each of the 3D animals come alive by doing the actions in sentence (e.g. See Gerdy walk.)
* Includes letter activities
* Promotes family engagement
* Monitors progress with sticker badge set
* Includes the Zoo Crew Alphabet music video
* Uses device camera to take fun pics with letters and animals
Learn ABC's activity book with augmented reality mobile app
Download our FREE Parent Guides to see several fun ideas:
ELL pre-k and kindergarten

Make your journals come alive on your smartphone or tablet!
How to download the FREE App:

Before you download, make sure your device meets these minimum requirements:

For iPhones: iPhone 5 or newer

For iPad: 3rd Generation or newer

For Android smartphones or tablets: Version 7 (Nougat) or newer

For Fire Tablet: 6th Generation, Fire Tablet 8 or newer

Note: Chromebooks are NOT supported by our mobile apps. 🙁

How to get the Journals alive app:

1. Using your mobile device, go to your source for applications.

2. Search for “Journals alive”

3. Look for this icon and get the free app:

4. If you are on your device now, simply click your app source below:


To see the magic now, scan the letter bug or number bug below:

learn abc's with augmented reality  learn 123's with augmented reality

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