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Augmented Reality Storybook – Amos Set of 6


Set of six augmented reality storybooks – Amos Alligator Arrives at the Airport

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This is a set of six augmented reality Storybooks for the classroom. Each child in your classroom can take turns venturing into a 3D interactive world.

We are introducing our first published book in a series of 26 short stories featuring our lovable animals from Letters alive and Math alive. Amos Alligator Arrives at the Airport is a fun, interactive story that springs to life via augmented reality (3D) when used in combination with our free downloadable app. Amos and all his friends will appear on your smart device and interact with your young reader as he/she touches the screen. This book set is perfect for classrooms or family members looking to gift several children.

Our FREE Storybooks alive app is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.


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