The NEW Learning alive Plus Station

on Sprout Pro by HP G2
ISTE Best in Show - Augmented Reality
Learning alive Plus Suite for Sprout Pro by HP G2

Perfect for your Media Center and STEM Programs!

This super-engaging, Augmented Reality-based learning station on a Sprout Pro G2 uses kinesthetic, visual, and auditory modalities to teach reading and mathematics while creating a cross-curricular 3D experience without glasses!

Sprout Pro by HP G2

$3,700 USD (p/n 12120)

Learning alive Plus (Reading and Mathematics Learning Kit)

$1,295 USD (p/n 50470)

Learning alive Plus Station Bundle (Sprout Pro G2 and Learning Kit)

$4,995 USD (p/n 50165)

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The Learning alive Plus™ Suite includes:

Letters alive Plus (supplemental reading)

  • Teach letters, letter sounds, word building,HP Sprout with Learning alive sight words, and sentences
  • 26 alphabet cards that come alive in 3D
  • 97 sight word cards for building 1,000’s of sentences and questions
  • 84 word family cards (digraphs, blends, and rimes)
  • Build over 900 words (phonics-based)
  • Card sorting box
  • Training videos
  • Letters alive Lesson Plan Manual (pdf)
  • Aligned to kindergarten state standards
  • 400+ pages in pdf format
  • Over 180 activity sheets
  • Activities include coloring, handwriting, letter sounds, word families, sight words, writing exercises, and story comprehension.
  • 26 rhyming stories
  • 26 animals with animal facts
  • Math alive (supplemental mathematics)

  • Teach the fundamentals of mathematics
  • 45 Interactive games aligned to essential mathematic skills
  • 41 cards that activate Augmented Reality (3D) activities
  • Training videos
  • Math alive Lesson Plan Manual (pdf)
  • Aligned to kindergarten state standards
  • 400+ pages in pdf format
  • Over 260 activity sheets
  • 7 math concept stories
  • 26 animals with animal facts
  • 10 animal habitat fact sheets
  • 174 math vocabulary cards
  • Interactive Stories (three digital, interactive stories)

    Amos Alligator Interactive StoryIma Iguana Interactive StoriesOllie Orangutan Interactive Story
  • The rhyming stories can be read by, or read to, the students
  • Teaches punctuality, courage, and kindness
  • Includes interactive games that are aligned to state standards

  • Sprout Pro for Early Education

    The Perfect Fit for Learning alive Plus!

    Learning alive Plus takes advantage of the revolutionary, all-in-one features of the Sprout Pro G2.

  • Multi-touch, hi-definition monitor and HP touch-mat for interacting with activities
  • Built-in document camera for reading the Augmented Reality flash cards
  • Internal sound system that brings our animal noises and instructions to life
  • Projects images onto the 20-point HP touch-mat for hands-on engagement
  • Solid, all-in-one workstation
  • Unique Features of the Sprout Pro G2:

    Out of the box, the Sprout Pro G2 is a robust, all-inclusive workstation.

    3D Camera and Software
  • accurately scan objects by rotating them with your hand
  • create 3D models and prepare for 3D printing
  • Hi-Res Document Camera
  • capture crisp images from documents and printed illustrations
  • HD Webcam
  • conduct video conferencing
  • enable distance learning
  • HP Touch Mat Projection
  • project a dual image onto the HP Touch Mat for enhanced user interaction
  • allows for multi-user experience with 20 points of touch
  • HP Active Pen
  • gives you precision, pressure-sensitive, digital writing abilities
  • supports intuitive 3D modeling
  • Runs in a Windows 10 platform allowing for all your 3rd party programs!

    “Our children are growing up in a different world where ‘traditional’ doesn’t work. We’re winning the proficiency battle in reading and mathematics with a new approach and mind-boggling technology. Join us.” ~ Cynthia B. Kaye, CEO | Chief Zoo Keeper of Alive Studios